Areté Gamma

2017 THEME:
Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge – CARL SAGAN

Extending the Dionysus Theatre Greek theme, allow us to introduce Areté. The word Areté originates in ancient Greece and has many interpretations. While difficult to accurately translate, it is generally understood to mean striving for excellence, being the best that you can be and is also wound up in the notion of moral virtue.

Dionysus presents a new theme each year that not only sparks reflection of our society and its morals but also to provide a platform for artists of all visual and theatrical natures to explore their own thoughts and hone their craft as well as providing support for excellence and an audience for feedback.

As the third annual Areté festival, the 2017 offering is Areté Gamma.

Four playwrights (both seasoned and emerging) have submitted work that explores their own interpretation of the theme, and these four pieces will be presented by four local directors in Dionysus’ unique festival. Each play and performance will be connected not only by theme but also by a signature set piece that remains on stage throughout all performances.

Local artists will also respond to the theme through the creation of this set piece, an exhibition in the foyer of the theatre, movement pieces and short episodes performed between each play.

This festival is unique and not only showcases local artists of all mediums but provides a diverse, insightful and engaging evening’s entertainment.

SEASON DATES: 11th, 12th & 13th May – 8pm

Need to be made through the Frankston Arts Centre via the following phone number or link:

9784 1060

Standard – $35
Concession – $30
Group and other discounts available.

2017 PLAYS
ADAM AND EVE written by Kevin Middleton & Michelle Robertson and directed by Gemma Sylvester Keech
THE HALF LIFE OF TRUTH written by Matt Allen and directed by Jesse Thomas
A METHOD written by Melanie Thomas and directed by Jett Thomas
OF CABBAGES AND KINGS written by Sarah Thomas and directed by Ebonee McKean


Brett Hicks – ‘Pillar of Wisdom’

Sarah Farrugia – poetry
Bryce Flint – oil on glass
Kellie Lindemann – photography

Gretal Sharp – Episodes
Emma Sproule & The Pythia – Movement Pieces

Melanie Thomas

Production images

Rehearsal images