Blood Wedding 2014

Lorca has been cited as the most important Spanish dramatist and poet of the twentieth century. For the duration of his short artistic career, he was fascinated with the music and culture of rural Spain and this combined with a newspaper article on the murder of a young man who had attempted to run away with a bride on the eve of her wedding, served as strong influences for this play.

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News & Reviews

Theatre People - October 2014

Dionysus Theatre is presenting their second full length production Blood Wedding by Federico Garcia Lorca at McClelland College, Karingal, Friday 17th October through to Saturday the 25th. – Ebony Tucker

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Stage Whispers - October 2014

There is no doubt that Emma Sproule has great vision as a director, and is innovative with it. Ignoring the stage on offer, she sets Lorca’s passionate and poetic play on the flat auditorium floor with the audience surrounding the actors, and sometimes the actors surrounding the audience in circular motion as a “Greek Chorus”. The circle represents the inevitability of life that is so hard to break, generation after generation of women in particular unable to change what is predestined for them. – Coral Drouyn

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