Exit The King

Exit the King is an absurdist piece of theatre that deals with some very familiar themes and utilises both physical comedy and sexual references to do so. Ionesco wrote several plays with the central character of ‘Berenger’ who was his Everyman. Despite his extreme circumstances and strange surroundings, he reflects many of our own concerns.

Berenger is a King. He’s the Commander-in-Chief, he stole fire from the gods, invented dynamite, the telephone and designed the Eiffel tower. He extinguished volcanoes, built Rome and New York, founded Paris, started revolutions and wrote the tragedies and comedies of Shakespeare. And he’s going to die.

He’s pretty unhappy about this to be honest.

This modern translation of Exit the King from Ionesco’s French emphasises the humour and was prepared by Neil Armfield and Geoffrey Rush for the 2007 production at the Malthouse and Belvoir Theatres starring Rush as Berenger. This revival was successfully taken to Broadway in 2009.

Dionysus Theatre’s inaugural production will be performed by Matt Allen, Zoran Babic, Rebecca Benson, Amelia Hunter, Jesse Thomas and Annabelle Tudor.

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