Back in the days and mythology of Ancient Greece, our namesake had nymphs that frolicked around him. So, in a creative twist on the concept the company has a couple of its own ‘nymphs’ who are essentially young yet mature and creative individuals who have shown great initiative in more than one area of the performing arts. They have, therefore, earned an apprenticeship of sorts to work closely within the company. They sit in on all rehearsals, aid director, cast and crew as well as represent the company in various promotional initiatives. Each Dionysus festival, whether full length production or Areté, will have two nymphs behind the scenes garnering as much hands-on theatrical experience as possible. Please contact us if this is a role suited to you, your skills and aspirations.


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2 weeks ago

Dionysus Theatre

Here at Dionysus Theatre we absolutely love the delicious goodness that is Chipmunk Cheeks Treats. We’ve used them for catering, hampers and thank you gifts, not to mention many of us are fairly consistent patrons in our personal lives...

This is a wonderful local business that’s well worth your support and as we in the theatre industry we’ll know, lack of exposure and awareness can hit you hard.

Check them out now, thank us later 💜Hey guys.....It would appear Facebook has yet another new way of hiding small businesses.

Can everybody do me a quick favour?? If you're seeing this, like, leave us a comment - just a quick “Hey” or your favourite emoji or gif would be great. The more interaction you have with people, the more friends will show up on your feed. Otherwise Facebook CHOOSES who you see!

If you're a business, feel free to copy and paste to your own wall so you can have more interaction as well!

Thanks everyone. I appreciate it! 😘 🐿️
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3 weeks ago

Dionysus Theatre

Arete:Epsilon is about to kickstart for 2019!

The chairs are set, ready for our cast & crew to fill them

Our Artistic Director Mel Thomas has a great first night planned and we look forward to everyone meeting and getting the rehearsal ball rolling

Here's to Arete:Epsilon
17&18 May
@ Cube37, Frankston Arts Centre
Tickets on sale soon - keep an eye out
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1 month ago

Dionysus Theatre

Two days to get your auditions booked for our 2019 season of Areté- Epsilon. Each of the plays and visual art works challenges what and how we think about happiness and grief. If you’re thinking about auditioning, get in touch with Melanie [at] to ask any questions. ... See MoreSee Less