Arête : Gamma
A series of one act plays written for Dionysus Theatre.
“Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge” Carl Sagen

Saturday March 4th. Workshop style audition.
Times available – 10-11am11.30am-12.30pm1-2pm
Auditions will last approximately 50 minutes.

McClelland College Performing Arts Centre, 26 Alexander Crescent, Karingal, 3199 – entry is off Karingal Drive. The suburb of Karingal is near Frankston, on the Mornington Peninsula.

To book your time slot, email or phone: / 0451164220

Performance at ‘Cube 37’ at the Frankston Arts Centre, May 11-13.

Rehearsals will be held at the audition venue on a Wednesday night.

ADAM & EVE: (2M, 1F) Forced to hide in a bunker for months to escape a Government siege, Adam and Eve are desperate for help to save them from an unnatural future. Seeking the guidance of a leading scientist, they hold on to hope, only to find out it’s too late.

THE HALF LIFE OF TRUTH: (1M, 2F) A young woman seeks the help and advice of a medical professional due to her constant forgetfulness and memory loss. She explains all of her issues in detail, and laments at the burden she is on her boyfriend’s life. However she soon discovers that all of the truths she thought she knew might not be so black and white.  When the boyfriend also seeks advice from the same Doctor, it all begins to unravel.

A METHOD: (1F, 3open) In an undisclosed time and place four people meet. What follows is an emotional and existential discussion about human life, society and humanities role in the world. Who are these people, why have they come together and what does the impact of their meeting mean for humanity moving forward?

OF CABBAGES AND KINGS: (2M) At a small park bench, Jim meets Gerald; an odd man with very peculiar things to say about the world and their place within in. From what Gerald has to say, Jim’s outlook on life and existence completely changes. What we are… Who we are supposed to be… One strange little man, sitting on a park bench, questions our general place in the whole universe.

No roles have been pre-cast.

IMPORTANT: Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out an audition form and bring a small photograph/headshot to your audition that we can keep.