The Dionysus Theatre Nymph Program

Dionysus Theatre is comitted to providing innovative theatre for audiences, performers and practitioners on the Peninsula, and beyond. Housed in Frankston but performing and involving people from all over Melbourne, our company is both accessible and affordable as well as award-winning, for its innovative interpretations and recontextualisations of (mostly) classical works. Given that Ancient Greece was the birthplace of Western Theatre, the company takes its name from the patron of Drama – Dionysus.

Dionysus had nymphs that frolicked around him, so in a creative twist on the concept each prodution for the company also has a couple of its own ‘nymphs’. A Dionysus Nymph is essentially a young yet mature and creative individual who has shown great initiative and interest in one or more areas of the perfoming arts. Through a straightforward selection process, they have earned an internship of sorts to work closely within the company doing roles they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to do, and experiencing all facets of what’s required to produce theatre.

The initial phase of the Dionysis Nymph program begins with our Arete Festival of Visual and Performing Arts. Should you show great aptitude towards initiative and commitment, the second phase is to continue your intership to our Mainstage season, which runs from May to October (twice weekly rehearsals).

Should you be interested in joining the Dionysus team for one or, possibly, more productions this year, you need to complete an online Expression of Interest form. The link for this is below and includes the relevant details for available productions:


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Testimonials from previous Dionysus Nymphs

 The Nymph program run at Dionysus Theatre allowed me to begin training within the realms of the professional theatre industry whilst still studying at secondary college. As a young actress and performer, the program opened my eyes to all the different roles it takes to put on a production, and this appreciation for the backstage, front of house, management and production teams has carried on with me into my Acting Degree at Federation Uni. I strongly believe that this appreciation and hard work offstage also directly affects your performance onstage and the more you give, the more you get back. In 2017, I received a Victorian Drama League nomination which would not have been possible without the support and love from a company that I have helped grow and in return, has watched me grow as a performer since 2012. The Nymph Program is a great way to network with people and connect with professionals in the industry all whilst having fun with your friends and from the comfort of your school! Without the Nymph program, I would have struggled to build the confidence to enter the Theatre Industry as young as I did and I wouldn’t be pursuing my goals at University if it wasn’t for the actors I met during my year as a Nymph. 

Ellen Kiley, 2012


This opportunity meant so much to me; an internship where I could learn all the elements that go into various theatrical performances in a hands-on style, ‘Nymphing’ was just what I needed as a young thespian. I was able to build a new understanding of what it was like to be on the organizational side of things, rather than just an actor who shows up, like I had been in the past. It taught me to have respect for every job that had to be done, no matter how small, because although it didn’t seem like the most exciting thing, if it wasn’t done, everything falls off balance. The things I learnt while ‘Nymphing’, have extended through to my career. I had plenty of experience in troubleshooting, planning, organizing, communicating with large groups of people, customer service and even money handling. I’d recommend this experience time and time again for any young individual. The things you learn will follow you into adulthood and impress many potential employers, whether it be in the theatre world or otherwise. This work is as funny and ridiculous as it is informative and enriching. Dionysus isn’t just a theatre company to me, it has become a support network, and a home.

Amber Budd, 2014


I became a Nymph for Dionysus Theatre in 2015 and have never stopped since! Since serving as a Nymph in 2015 I have gone on to do Tech (follow spot) for Dionysus’ 2016 Main Stage production of ‘Lysistrata’, I have Stage-Managed for Dionysus’ 2017 run of Sock & Buskin, performed in Dionysus’ 2017 Main Stage Production of ‘Macbeth’ and this year have moved up to Assistant Artistic Directing for Dionysus’ 2018 Areté Delta. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d get the opportunity to do all these amazing, insightful exciting things at all, let alone locally. With guidance from some of the most experienced, knowledgeable, professional and understanding crew, there was never a moment of hesitation or reluctance, I have always felt comfortable being myself and giving everything a go for the first time. I owe everything I know about theatre to Dionysus Theatre, I have learnt so much from the company that I am so much more confident in myself and my place in the theatre community, whether that be behind the scenes, on stage or up with the tech team. Truly a once in a life time opportunity!

Gabrielle Rando, 2015


I joined Dionysus as a nymph in Areté 2016, although I only jumped on board for production week, it was an experience that immediately drew me in and made me want more. So now three years later I’m still a part of Dionysus Theatre doing whatever I can. It’s given me some wonderful memories, excellent skills and allowed me to meet people that I would now consider my best friends. I would firmly recommend giving it a go to people with even a passing interest in theatre.

Mitchell McDonough, 2016


Being a nymph has given me many opportunities within the company, I first got involved with Dionysus in 2016 because I was very interested and hardworking within theatre at school, and wanted to work in a more professional setting. Due to my main interest being tech, last year I got the opportunity to operate the follow spot during the company’s production of Macbeth, and ended up getting an award at the VDLs. Being a nymph gives you the opportunity to work with, and get to know many new people, it’s an amazing opportunity for anyone interested in theatre and performance.

Kiara Martin-Pico, 2017


I started as a nymph in 2017 working on the Mainstage production of Macbeth. In the initial phases of the rehearsal process I worked closely with the ensemble ‘The Movement’ experimenting with how they could move as a body as well as separate entities. This was an opportunity given to me as I had previous experience in and, as it turned out, two of the sequences that I helped choreograph were performed. This was a great feeling. During the middle of the production phase I also worked with Melanie Thomas, assistant director and resident costume designer, on the outfits for The Movement as well as hair styles for four characters. This allowed me to utilise skills I already had and develop those I didn’t. It was particularly exciting to learn how to sew and see my work on stage. As an opportunity to solidify my people skills, during the season, I supported the Front of House department, and through observing and responding to feedback, I felt very equipped in this area by the end of the season compared to the beginning. During the production week, I worked as a backstage assistant, helping to move set and props off and on stage with the team who have a great understanding of how the transitions need to happen for the actors and audience. Under their guidance, I believe I was able to smoothly execute scene transitions and timed my path with the actors to not disturb their performance or create an awkward pause for the audience. Overall, the experiences and insight I’ve gained during my time with Dionysus has been invaluable and I’m particularly impressed that they’re prepared to let novices like me contribute to key facets of the production if we show the capability. I really felt that I also got to take ownership of the show’s success.

Catherine Baker, 2018



Required Internship dates 2019


ARETE – Rehearsals at McClelland College, Performances at Cube37, Frantston Arts Precint.

Rehearsals: Mondays, March 4th to May 13th, including Sunday 5th April (9-4pm) and Thursday 16th May – 7pm to 10.30pm.

Season: 17th and 18th May. Required hours: 6.30pm to 10.30pm


MAINSTAGE – Othello.

Rehearsals at McClelland College, Performances at McClelland College.

Rehearsals: Monday and Wednesday – 7pm to 10.30pm.*

Season: October. Required hours: 6.30pm to 10.30pm


*Times and frequency of commitment can be negotiable, but must be organised in advance.


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